Thursday, February 26, 2009


What in particular? So many things...

Rarely seeing the sun (all that Oregon rain).

Hearing about the dissolution of a long-term marriage.

Watching the workload at your business slow down week by week.

Struggling to make friends in the limited free, adult time you have as a parent. (And no, befriending my kid's friends' parents hasn't been so successful)

Wanting to make a change - new job for spouse, new car, vacation somewhere sunny- and being terrified of commiting to a possible mistake.

Life isn't terrible, but it sure is harder and harder to be happy, relaxed, optimistic right now.

Monday, February 2, 2009


So I'm doing my 2008 taxes this weekend. The personal part isn't so hard - two W-2s, some mortgage statements, few goodwill receipts.

The business part I've easily spent 4 hours putting everything together (s0 far), and along the way, I've noticed the following:

1. The first half of the year was OK. My total sales and profits were on track to beat 2007.

2. Starting around August, everything tanked. Views and sales were DOWN. Big time.

3. Averaging the year out, my net profit actually shrank $2, about 10%.

So I'm starting to wonder...should I keep going? I'm going to report a loss for 2008 - I can deal with that, since it includes things like vehicle depreciation that don't really hit my wallet. But at what point do my profits become small enough to make this not worth my while?

You'd think that a resale business would do well right now - everybody wants a bargain, right? But I have two major problems going on. For one, more people are shopping "my" thrift stores, so there's less good inventory available. And for two - people are seriously bargain hunting. It's not enough that a brand new, designer pair of shoes is listed for 20% of original retail - darn it, that's still $50! They want it for $45, or $40...or even $20.

For the moment, I still enjoy my bargain and thrift hunting - so I'll keep at it. (And the jewelry business will stay open, just because I enjoy creating so much)