Monday, January 25, 2010

I know I said I wouldn't

Yet again, I find myself staring down a diet.

Or at least, I want to. I probably need to.

Ugh. Don't you just hate the word "diet"? Conjures thoughts of deprivation, hunger, grumpiness. I don't want to deal with it! And yet...

And yet...

All of the "just eat less" and "just exercise" non-advice out there doesn't help either. If it was "just" that easy, I wouldn't struggle - and neither would the millions of other people!

This time, I have friends trying too - we're all in this to support each other. Will it be successful? I don't know. I hope so...and yet, when it comes down to dinner time (or dessert time, or whatever time), ultimately it's just me and the food.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now what

I had this plan for the new year.

On the nights when hubby worked late, I would list items on eBay after the kids went to bed.

On the weekends while kids were at soccer/basketball/ballet practice, I would take pictures and maybe shop a little.

We'd keep paying off bills and socking away funds for a trip to Europe in 2011.

Then, hubby decided to quit his job. I can't fault him for the reasons - if you were the general dogsbody of your company, despite being a top salesperson, you'd quit too. Still, with the economy in the toilet, it's hard to see him finding another position with flexible hours at part-time, yet still making decent money.

So the extra money is gone. *poof* The extra time to sell on eBay - without guilt over using "us" time in the evenings...also *poof*. And while I know that our situation is nowhere near as dire as many people lately - it's hard not to be discouraged, even unhappy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year 2010

Wow, this year sure slid by fast. Things have been so crazy between work and home that I haven't had much to say here - or really, I've had plenty to say, just no time to say it in. So, for the New Year...I resolve to make more time for myself, to eBay and Etsy and blog more!

And if this post is a bit brief...well, at least it's a start. Now, off to catch up on a few favorite blogs that I've neglected too much lately.