Friday, January 16, 2009


Have you ever thought about just how different our lives are from our grandparents?

My grandmother grew up in Dust Bowl Oklahoma. The sounds of her day were mostly cackling hens, mooing cows, and the wind rustling the leaves. They had to make special trips - very seldom - to listen to music more complicated than just singing.

Now, my family is surrounded by intricate music, of all kinds, all the time. Radios, music video channels, iPods, streaming audio. I wake to music, listen during my commute, tune in during my workout...enjoy mood music late at night.

And for all this glorious excess, we have become indifferent, fickle even. Yesterday's favorite station is ignored, downloaded tunes languish in electronic folders. Most of all - we now find ourselves making special trips, finding free time, to get away and enjoy some QUIET. You know, rustling leaves, nature. So who had it 'right' after all?

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