Monday, May 4, 2009

Men of the US: You've been insulted

So I'm at the on-site fitness center at lunch today, elliptical-ing my way towards summer. The TV is tuned to ESPN, of course - 95% of users are men, so that means we must watch sports of some flavor. I usually tune it out, but today I forgot my iPod. And hey, did you know we're in countdown to Mother's Day?

Based on the frequency of flower-delivery commercials, I'm guessing the average Guy doesn't.

This wasn't just frequent ads, however. This was downright insulting. For those with a developed frontal lobe, this was the subtext:

Are you a guy?

Do you think you should buy your mom something?

Are you inept at everything?

Buy flowers from us, moron!

This was a ProFlowers commercial, with men talking about how satisfied they are with the flowers from ProFlowers. (Ok) Followed by commentary from an actress-mom saying "when I get flowers, I feel remembered and appreciated." (Cue gagging) Then, to top it off....

"Go to our website

Click on the microphone icon

Type in the keyword MALE for your special savings. "

That's right gentlemen! Admit that you are a guy to save on obligatory flowers for mom! Thinking not required! Heck, you don't even have to turn off Sportscenter to make her feel 'remembered'! If I'd had the breath to laugh, I probably would have fallen off my machine.

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