Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now what

I had this plan for the new year.

On the nights when hubby worked late, I would list items on eBay after the kids went to bed.

On the weekends while kids were at soccer/basketball/ballet practice, I would take pictures and maybe shop a little.

We'd keep paying off bills and socking away funds for a trip to Europe in 2011.

Then, hubby decided to quit his job. I can't fault him for the reasons - if you were the general dogsbody of your company, despite being a top salesperson, you'd quit too. Still, with the economy in the toilet, it's hard to see him finding another position with flexible hours at part-time, yet still making decent money.

So the extra money is gone. *poof* The extra time to sell on eBay - without guilt over using "us" time in the evenings...also *poof*. And while I know that our situation is nowhere near as dire as many people lately - it's hard not to be discouraged, even unhappy.

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