Monday, July 7, 2008

I Hate Working With Men

For all you women out there who work with other women...I'm so jealous!

Yes, I know you have problems. There's nothing like fighting with another woman at work to really ding the self-esteem.

But I have a bigger problem - no women to interact with!

It's really true. I'm an engineer, and I work in a building surrounded by other engineers. Male engineers.

And that means I have no one to gossip with! Seriously, we're not just talking about the goofy new name of Nicole Kidman's baby. This is the important stuff, like the awful bike outfit worn by one of the VPs. The visible tattoos on our new cafeteria cashier. And how the new ESD smocks make everyone's butt look HUGE.

It also means I have no female supporter here. Nobody to tell me my new haircut is great, or my new eyeshadow is too dark. (Guys might think it, but they won't say it!) Nobody to share my anger with over the sexist comments and double-standards that sometimes crop up.

It stinks. Truly.

So go hug your female co-workers today - even the ones you love to hate. Trust me, you'd miss them!


Rosebud Collection said...

You know, sometimes it works out nicely with just men co-workers..of course it would be nice to have one girl around just to chat with..Now if you talked engines, maybe you would have some real chatter going on.

thatissocute said...

You know what? You make an great point! I take it for granted that my new outfit, shoes, jewlery, hair cut, hair color, and kid's pictures will be noticed! I would feel that something was missing without that.
Are you involved with any professional organizations that have women members? If so, keep in contact and attend any meetings you can!