Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

Summer certainly brings out the questionable behaviors, doesn't it?

Like the guy at my work who has decided to ride his bike, instead of drive. (Noble idea, of course) Except he's kinda large. AND he likes those skimpy bike outfits.


Or how about this morning's big winner...a lady at work wearing a tube top. No, I'm not kidding. We're a professional company, today is NOT casual Tuesday, and yes, our A/C is working fine.

Somebody forgot she's not in college anymore!

Last but not least is the guy who sits near me. He's about my age (mid-30s) and reasonable attractive...or at least, he was until 2 weeks ago, when he inexplicable bleached his hair. Obviously on his own - no stylist would allow that horrible orangey-white nastiness to leave his/her salon!

Guys, please...before you do this, ask a woman or two about it first!

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thatissocute said...

Oh, you are so right! Isn't it amazing what people think is ok to wear to work? We had a temp a few years ago who was filling in for the receptionist...so she is the first person someone sees when they come in our place of business. She had lost a lot of weight and because of that, loved wearing clothes that showed a lot (and I do mean a lot!) of cleavage! No professional at all!

tee hee - I hope those aren't the actual photos of your co-workers!