Thursday, July 10, 2008

These Guys Have No Life

In my continuing saga of "huh" moments...

This week has been a busy one for me at work. Brand new product that we're trying to get qualified and out the door - and I've run into a series of issues to deal with. It's meant some long hours, and I've had to come in early and/or stay late more than I like.

Staying late here really says something an engineer, I'm "exempt" - meaning I don't get paid for overtime. (They think they pay me enough as it is, I guess!) So instead of a nice 8-5 job with 1 hour for lunch...engineers here are expected to work 8-6pm, take maybe 30 minutes for lunch, and morning/afternoon breaks? Not a chance. Fortunately, most managers don't really stick to that, as long as you get your job done...but there ARE some odd looks and "going home early?" comments to deal with, if you dare leave at 5:30pm.

So fine, the atmosphere here is work-a-holic. But that doesn't explain some of the weird guys in this building.

Guys who show up around 7am. And leave after 6pm...sometimes closer to 7pm.

Seriously. I mean, I love my job...but I don't want to be here 12 hours a day. Or 11 hours a day. Even going somewhere else for a lunch hour...that's TOO long in this building.

What is up with these guys? Do they hate their wives? Are they lonely? Do they figure, why not work, since their World of Warcraft buddies won't be on until 8pm anyway?

Beats the heck out of me. All I know is...I love my kids, I love my husband, I have a comfy house I enjoy relaxing in...I have two internet businesses that I enjoy working on. Heck no, I'm not going to put in extra hours here 'for the heck of it'.

Time to cut this ESD tester needs my attention!


THE MOM BOMB said...

Perhaps they're working on a really challenging engineering issue? Or maybe it's just Internet porn?

twenty pound tabby said...

I'm so glad I'm retired and not doing all the madatory unpaid overtime as a firmware engineer anymore.
But the guys that come in early and stay late even when they don't have to have always been around. I remember them back in the 70's and my dad saying they were excaping their home lives.