Monday, February 25, 2008

Featured Seller - TrishLewis

This month, I will be featuring charitable buyers and sellers - that is, people either offering listing profits to charity, or buyers who purchased an item from my PURPLE collection.

Today's featured buyer/seller is TrishLewis. Trish purchased these lovely amethyst earrings from me - and donated the shipping cost as well - for a total donation of $4 to American Cancer Society. Thanks Trish!

Trish is a new Etsy seller - she joined in January 2008, and started listing in February. For all that she's from New York (ha ha - sorry Trish, former Jersey-girl speaking), she's a very sweet and friendly person - and a great addition to the Etsy family! You can see examples of her lovely work here, and of course more in her Etsy Store. Here's a description of her skills and inspiration in her own words:

"I specialize in unique Art Glass and gemstone pendant necklaces, and I also create other jewelry with gemstone beads and sterling. After a lifetime of creativity (including beading, acting, and singin' the Blues), I started playing with Art Glass in 2002. All the colors and finishes made me happy just looking at them! Over the years, I've refined my styles and techniques."

"I'm inspired by the Impressionists - especially their use of color. What am I dying to make someday? I'd love to be in Monet's Garden at Giverny, using the colors of his Waterlilies to create my masterpiece...maybe an Art Glass necklace with much finer gemstones than I can afford to use now"


capitolagirl said...

Great feature about a new Etsian today. Her Amethyst Vineyard Necklace is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her work with us today!

TexasTesla said...

Thanks for looking capitola! Trish does nice work - and that Amethyst vineyard is my favorite piece of hers too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amber!! This was so sweet of you to do :) I love my new TexasTesla earrings!!
Peace, Trish