Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look out for refugees from ebay

I still have my ebay business - women't clothing mostly - and the blogs there are just burning up with anger over the changes. It's kind of immature, really, lots of talk about how the feedback change "isn't fair". Ha - life isn't fair. This is a business, ebay needs to make money just like you do...and they've been losing buyers with the retailatory feedback issues lately.

What I find interesting is that the people most angry are the ones defending a seller's right to hold feedback over a buyer's head! I've been on both sides - and darn it, if I pay on time and give you a correct address, I deserve a positive. Period. Me not being happy with YOUR service (slow shipping, no response to emails, item disappointing)...that's not MY fault.

Let's think about it this way. Say you go to Macy's to buy a shirt. You pay for it, and walk out - but when you get it home, you realize that it's not 100% silk like advertised. So you want to take it back - but they tell you they'll have to penalize you, perhaps with a ding on your credit report. Does that make sense? Of course not - the seller needs to take responsibility here.

Anyway, that topic has been done to death on ebay, so enough from me....but the overall impression is that plenty of people are threatening to leave. Some will (some will probably return in a few months) - no doubt all the auction/ecommerce sites will see an upsurge.

And before anybody points out that *I* am new...I opened my etsy store in December, well before ebay's announcement!


Anonymous said...

Physics? You would have to have a seperate weekend persona. LOL


TexasTesla said...

ShyCountryBoy my ass-ets.

(Gee, can you tell I know this guy? hee hee)