Thursday, February 14, 2008

On to my next creation...but details are fuzzy!

I have some creamy pearls, peridot pieces, and really nice amethyst chips remaining...I have a few vague thoughts about what to make, but can't really decide!

One idea is a pearl bracelet, but put amethyst chips between the pearls. Maybe even amethyst AND peridot alternating. That would keep it very modern and unstuffy...yet classic too. Finish it with sterling silver findings.

Or, to get more funky, a 2 or 3 strand necklace with randomly spaced pearls, peridot, and amethyst - maybe even a few dangles? A very nebulous idea...I'm wondering if the gray pearls in my collection would work better, since I'd be using sterling chain for the necklace. Hmm....

Either way, both will be a bit higher priced ($50 to $90) - and since I've not sold on etsy yet, I'm just a wee bit nervous about adding higher priced items!

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