Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BLOG GIVEAWAY - Just 2 days left to enter!

Win your choice of:
1. Stud Pink Flower earrings
2. Dangle amethyst earrings
3. Original "Cubical Art" piece (take your pick - will be matted and ready to hang on the fabric wall of your choice. More drawings coming today and tomorrow - lots of conference calls in my future!)

Good news - we've reached 30 unique entries, so we now have a consolation prize!
2nd name drawn gets $5 or 10% (whichever is better) off any item in my Etsy store!!!

Enter today (the 15th) AND tomorrow (the 16th) - just leave a comment here. Let me know which piece you like best from my Etsy store, and that's all you need to enter. One entry per day, per person...unless you link to this giveaway, then you get an extra!


Contessa Kris said...

Ohhhh, a giveaway! I'm so excited. I love your jewelry. I'm adding your giveaway to my blog as I type.

TexasTesla said...

Awesome! Be sure to leave a link here so I can find it.

aBookworm said...

Those earring are so cute! Count me in. I've blogged you at my Contest/Review blog - A Bookworm's Diary.

I'm having giveaways too, on both my blogs. Hope you'll drop by. Ends TOMORROW!

callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

laurie b said...

Wickedly cool! I like the amythest earrings!! And I'm going to link you to my blog! Cool idea!! With gratitude, Laurie Beggin http://lauriebethbeggin.blogspot.com

T said...

I'm not sure if I'm entered for this, so count me in today just in case! :)

Brandy said...

My fav item on your etsy site is "A Daisy for Hazel" because my daughter's name is Hazel.

Bunny B said...

I also love the Aqua Bling ring! Cute! Thanks :)

raych said...

This is me entering again! Those stud earrings are gorgeous.

AlwaysAmy said...

I like the Sweetheart Pearls best. :)

BTW, I just added your blog link to my blog. If you could do the same that would be great!


Bunny B said...

Saying HI for another entry :) Thanks!

Human Touch Designs said...

My favorite item in your etsy store is the Serendipity pearl earrings... very pretty! Great blog!

KieutiePie said...

OK normally I don't care for stud earrings, but I have to say that these are really cute.


I am in a bead flower fascination phase right now, I think!