Thursday, April 17, 2008

We Have Our Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered my contest! We had 58 entries, for 43 unique people. With that many entries, a paper drawing was out…so I entered every entry on a line in Excel, then used this Random Number generator to pick the 2 winning rows.

Drum roll please…

Our WINNER was Vickie (who didn’t leave me a way to contact her!) - choice of earrings or art

Our consolation prize winner was Bunny B - $5 or 10% discount in my Etsy shop

Vickie – please contact me through Etsy convo or leave a comment with your blog/etsy/email address. Otherwise, I will have to REDRAW on Monday to give away the main prize. For everyone else – Monday is another great giveaway, featuring earrings from JLC Studio – plus special discounts for ALL my blog readers. Come back Monday for your next chance to win!


KieutiePie said...

Grats, winners!

TexasTesla said...

lol kieutie - wishing you won? Maybe "vickie" will forget to contact me by Monday, and then you'll have another shot! :-)

Bunny B said...

Woot! Can't wait for Monday :P