Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Double Feature Mon...I mean TUESDAY!

Sorry loyal readers (and new ones too!)...this has been a crazy week for me. Really, really yucky head cold this weekend kept me in bed,, and when I managed to crawl to my day job yesterday, I was absolutely swamped with work. So I'm running late on my feature – my apologies!

This week I'm again featuring TWO great Etsy sellers – both very friendly people I met in the forums. And because of the time crunch, I've decided to excerpt my questions to them, instead of writing it all from scratch! First up is another jewelry seller, MissTeacher30.

MissTeacher30, or Kim in real life, is a relatively new Etsy seller who specializes in bridal and pearl jewelry. Her designs are very clean and pretty – lovely classic necklaces and earrings. Here's what Kim has to say about her creations:

I have been making jewelry for about 4 years now. It took my mom months to get me to my first jewelry making class. At first, I did a lot of work with stringing beads and making earrings. The second step I have only been doing for about a year and that is bead stitching. I now teach bead stitching classes at a local bead store. And I just recently learned pearl knotting!

Inspiration: A simple bead inspires me. When I walk into a bead store, I do not have an idea in mind and then find the beads to create it. Rather, it is almost as if the beads come to me. I pick out beads that are unique, but it is not until I sit down to bead that the ideas start to flow. What I create comes from somewhere in my head, not from a picture or piece I have already seen.

It's difficult for me to identify a single favorite piece – not because I like to many, but because I am always striving to make it bigger and better. Up until recently, I can honestly say I did not have a favorite piece of jewelry. However, after making this particular necklace for a bridal party, I thought “Hmmm, I did a pretty good job”. (It's the gorgeous 3-strand necklace to the right)

I have been part of Etsy since December 2007. I had never even heard of Etsy until someone mentioned it at an art show. As soon as I logged in...I was hooked. It has given me great opportunities to display my work and to meet a great group of people.

Like many artists dreams, one day I would like to be able to make a living from my jewelry. One day, I would like to be able to walk into a store and say, “I created that piece of jewelry.”

MissTeacher30 sounds so much like myself! I promise, it isn't me though...despite my affinity for pearls!


My second featured seller is totally different...RecycledIdeas has a wonderfully diverse shop with handmade paper, monkey prints, pendants, and decorated boxes. The overarching theme of course is recycling...including her wonderful “green gifts” - plantable cards!

RecycledIdeas has been open on Etsy just 6 months... but with over 120 items sold so far, that's been a successful 6 months! The shop owner has been making paper for more than ten years, and it shows in the quality and variety she offers! She also does pastel drawings and FIMO sculpting – quite a talent.

The inspiration behind RecycledIdeas lies in a love of primates, and a desire to help with conservation of them and their habitat. Not so surprising when you learn the seller has a PhD in psychology and is studying primate behavior! (That's one smart, successful, and creative woman)

RecycledIdeas share her two favorite pieces with me: “My first would have to be the pyramid box I made out of cardboard and handmade paper. It sold, and when it did I was so excited! I have been making them and giving them as gifts to friends and family for a long time so it was really gratifying to find that a complete stranger liked them too. I would have to say that the decorated Oregon Chai Tea box, that I will probably never sell, is my absolute favorite.” You can see pictures of both here, of course!

RecycledIdeas' biggest goal is to complete the primate portrait series she started. However, since she's been doing really well with handmade paper, there's also the possibility of landing a major wedding account. Imagine, seeded paper wedding invitations that could grow in the couple's favorite flowers!

You can visit RecycledIdeas' blog too, Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist.


KieutiePie said...

OH YAY! I'm happy to see our buddy, Recycled Ideas up here. She's awesome! Both very interesting sellers to feature. I'm still curious about all things wedding related for my sister's upcoming big day!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome features! I have no patience for jewelry making so I admire those who do it so well. I remember buying the seed cards from a charity years ago! They were so cool. I remember when my kids made them in school too for our Mother's Day present. The front of the card said "To mom whose love makes everything grow". My kids art teacher loved paper making so my kids became experts and taught me! I love recycledideas shop!

luluvillage said...

I am happy to see RecycledIdeas featured! Here is a creative way to recycle, and have fun with too,

Callooh Callay said...

The boxes are great! Very nice set of features.