Friday, May 9, 2008

Congratulations! You are Officially a Breeding Sow!

This wasn't the post I'd planned to write today...I was thinking something semi-political about the Oregon primaries. (Finally, something of a say in the Dem candidate!) But then I turned on my TV while getting dressed...and got this.

I shit you not. All naturally-created kids, only a couple of twins. This woman has been pregnant 15 times before. FIFTEEN. (You can get more information on them here too)

No shock, these people belong to a fundamentalist church that believes in a literal reading of the bible, as well as the attitude that "God decides" your family size.

I'm sorry, but this is insane. Why are we celebrating this? She's not "Super Mom", as the Today Show bit claimed...she's just Super Womb.

A family that huge is a drain on everyone. I can't imagine how they exist without welfare of some kind, but even if they don't...I'm sure they pay essentially NO taxes due to all those exemptions - yet their enormous family uses 5 times the resources (roads, gas, electricity, water, etc) of a 'normal' family of 4.

Beyond that - why is this woman doing it to herself? Would a horse breeder make a prize filly throw a foal every year? Would a champion show dog be expected to have a litter of pups every time she was fertile? OF COURSE NOT - it's very hard on the animal's body. Can you imagine the damage all these pregnancies, deliveries, and c-sections is doing to this woman?

Please people. For the love of God, stop it. Our planet is over populated - we have many people dying from lack of basics like food and water. Just because that isn't happening in the US now doesn't make your selfishness OK.

Women, have the dignity and self respect to say "I am a person, not a womb"...have a few kids if you want, certainly, but do other things with your life besides just be mom. Please, I'm begging you.


scrappysue said...

good lord! (excuse the pun!) i don't know where to start. from jim bob's john edward's /evangelical look to the totally annoying mousey voice of the mother, to the pained look of that poor eldest son, who one would hope has left home and NOT yet procreated as a form of protest!?! at least we know how they make a living - continual documentaries on themselves. yikes.

amy said...

I feel sorry for the eldest children. I've seen this family before and the teenagers wear the exact same horrid outfits that the toddlers wear. Denim dresses with choo choo train prints. Yuck.

I think it's their choice and if they like having a billion kids so be it. I just hope they choose to live ecofriendly. Can you imagine how much garbage they put in the landfills?