Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can I rhapsodize a bit?

I'm not sure what kind of post this's kinda personal, but also sort of featuring an Etsian.

About a month ago, I submitted an Etsy alchemy request (for non-etsy people, that's basically a custom order bidding process). I work out 3-4 times a week, and have used the same boring, ugly, blue duffel bag from Target for almost 4 years now.

So I submitted a request for something new and fun - and stylish of course. I got a TON of bids, with great ideas and beautiful fabrics (so hard to chose). Finally decided to go with SimplySavvy - I could pick my own fabric, and have vinyl on the bottom to endure the yucky gym floors.

Picking a fabric was hard...there are so many gorgeous styles out there, and of course a wide range of colors. I was looking for something that was all-season, funky, a little girly...not too big a print, but not too small...tough work. It took probably 2 solid weeks of browsing to find exactly what I wanted - and then another 10 days or so to make the tote - but now I have it, and can't be more pleased!

I've added a pic at the bottom of everything I can put in this tote - it's amazingly capacious. I'm a bit of a label snob when it comes to clothes and accessories, so I know quality work when I see it - and the sisters of SimplySavvy did an EXCELLENT job. Strong seams, clean lines. Plus extra pockets sized just right for accessories!
I love my new bag - I actually want to go to the gym just to show it off!