Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mysteries of the Universe, Vol 1

Randomly inspired by my day...feel free to share your mysteries for future volumes!

  1. Cactus Hair. Why, oh why, do balding men think that spiking their remaining hair looks good? Really, honey, it just shows off your scalp that much more!

  2. "Gotta Getta Deal" attitudes. My friends on Etsy know all about this - people randomly asking for discounts on something you make/sell. We set that price for a reason, it's probably already too low - and you wouldn't ask the checkout girl at Macy's to give you a "special discount" either. Please stop.

  3. 3. Cellphones at Work. Last I checked, most offices provided phones - free! (At least to us worker drones it's free) You don't need that cell, really. And the rest of us don't need to hear the instrumental version of "Don'tcha" over and over again.

4. Morning Talk Radio. Really, does anybody listen to this nonsense? Ok, yes, I understand paying attention for the contests...but Pet Psychics, random trivia, yelling and screaming...all before the caffeine has entered your nervous system. It's just wrong.

5. Cellphones for Kids. My 10-year-old is asking for one, and there are plenty of kids her age (and younger) with phones. What?!? Why, in heavens name, could they possibly need a phone? They don't drive - they can't get further away than their little feet can carry them.

6. Summer Visitation. At least half of you know what I mean - in divorced families, the kids get to visit the non-custodial parent for 6 weeks in the summer. Since summer itself tends to run 9 weeks or so (stupid holidays), this basically means the WHOLE summer. Don't get me wrong...hubby and I are looking forward to some quality couple time. But the WHOLE summer? Plus, it's hard on the kids, particularly when the 'other parent' doesn't live near you. Who thought this was a GOOD thing for kids anyway?


mary jane said...

such a funny post!
ha ha Cactus Hair.
mary jane

ErinT Fashion Accessories said...

The first one is hilarious! Hehe

TexasTesla said...

And sadly truly...although Cactus Hair is copyrighted by me now! :-)

Barbra said...

Great post. Cellphones for 10 year olds? Shoot me!

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the chuckle today!

Beat Black said...

there isn't a single thing I don't agree with on this list. your kids will be better people because you didn't buy them a cellphone