Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Mad This Morning

It's Monday, and boy am I so not ready for it. I'll freely admit I was grumpy to start out with...but this really pisses me off.

Portland doesn't exactly have a wealth of decent radio stations - particularly if what you want on your morning commute is upbeat music. Blather, aka "Talk"...plenty of that. Awful "my wife left and took the dog" country...certainly.

So it ticks me off that this morning I had to reduce my "decent station" list from a paltry 3 down to a miserable 2.

Sometime in the last two years, station 107.5FM turned into "Movin 107.5" - a CBS radio production. It was pop, some older R&B, with a few nuggets of goodness surrounded by ok stuff. Not earth-shatteringly good, but fine for commuting and waking up. However, over the last week or so I noticed I was NOT enjoying the music offered on that station nearly as much...seemed like more hip-hop was playing than anything else.

This morning was the final straw for me. I turned on the radio, and found "Radio Playhouse" or some such nonsense instead of music. Brash, un-funny talk radio - moved up from a hip-hop station that I didn't like. Not ONCE in my 20 minute commute did they play music.

I'm done - I'll use my evening commute to find an alternative, and then 107.5 is off my saved channels for good. Unbelievably stupid business decision CBS!


cd&m said...

Just popped over from etsy!

The Nature Nut said...

Sounds like you need a CD player in your car. Radio can really suck sometimes :o(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the west coast stations are no better than the east coast.
We are Howard Stern'ed to death in the mornings.

TexasTesla said...

Ugh Helen, I know what you mean. There's another station that is OK in the afternoons, but carries Adam Carolla in the morning...nope, not listening to that!

I have a CD player, but nothing to listen to. Need to burn a few discs, obviously!

Sophie said...

I feel your pain. I can't stand driving the in mornings without some music. Thankfully I have this adapter thingy (I'm not a technical person) and I just plug in my ipod and away I go.
Time for a mixed tape/cd?