Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Product Review: Verde Soap by Bonghinatura

Get lost in the pleasures of handmade soap!

I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway of handmade soap on Bonghinatura's blog - and I'm just delighted with my 'prize'!

Here in Oregon, we have many festivals and farmers markets, and I've tried many different handmade soaps. Some are delightful, some too harsh, and others have no scent - enough variation that I'd frankly given up on handmade soaps. Boy, am I changing my tune!

Bonghinatura's soap came nicely wrapped in cellophane, with crisp brown-paper label. (Clean and unfussy, you could give the soaps as gifts without extra wrapping) The soap was pressed in a clean, smooth shape - but had fun inclusions to give a delightful appearance.

After much deliberation, I had decided on Verde - a blend of peppermint and lime in a shea butter base. After all, scents like honey or citrus are easy to get right...but what would peppermint and lime be like?

Turns out...the scent makes me think of a margarita. Or maybe a mojito? It's a very fresh citrus scent, not too sweet, with just a tinge of mint that keeps the lime from being sour. Surprisingly delightful - and appropriate for everyone in the family.

Of course, soap shouldn't just smell should work too. And Bonghinatura's soap definitely works. It creates a light lather (not as bubbly as commercial soaps) that rinses cleanly. It left my oily skin clean without dryness. A great hand-soap or bath soap - although I must warn you, the inclusions in this soap WILL come out and float in your bath water! Best of all, the soap left just a hint of scent on my skin; enough for a 'clean' scent, but without clashing with my perfume.

I'm so delighted, I can't wait to try another of her soap. Perhaps the Cappuccino Soap for a morning pick-me-up?


Bonghi Nautra said...

Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed your soap!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

I totally agree! I am in love with anything she puts Patchoulli in! I think for the first time this winter my skin was not dry...and it had to be the soap because that is all I used.

Paper Girl Productions said...

Ooo those soaps look delish!

Molliemadison said...

I too ,am hooked on Bonghinatura soaps. I have been a frequent buyer. The scents are wonderful. The lather is great. I always look forward to opening up a new bar.