Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday - Woo Hoo!

I'm so glad - it's been a long week.

I've been a jewelry making fool - finished a custom request, made two pairs of earrings for my brother's fiance, and even created a necklace for my etsy store. Oh, and got my stepdaughter started on a bracelet for her mom.

I've also been busy with ebay - buying items, taking pictures, listing...and thankfully, shipping out sold stuff too. A good 'problem' to have, and I'm very glad the sales seem to be picking back up after a DRY April.

Still, I'm glad for the weekend...could use some rest! But first, I must survive...


How do I wind up in this predicament? I'm not on the normal monthly roster of players, rather I'm more like a sub they call every other month. It's usually 3 or 4 days ahead, and it always sounds good at the time. (Girls only time, oh yeah!)

But then the Friday arrives...and I'm exhausted. Or I have my CSI recorded from the night before, and really want to see it. Or maybe I'm just feeling antisocial. It just seems inevitable that I wake up Friday going "man, I have Bunco tonight" instead of "I'm so excited about Bunco tonight."

Maybe it's the people I play with. Mostly housewives from our neighborhood, with a few ladies from the outskirts of town. It's a mix of ages, with many my own age, but ranging up to late 50s (and the occasional 70-yr-old)...but I'm certainly not the only early-30s person. Is it because I *don't* stay home with the kids? That I'm a science geek who spent the 9 hours before the game talking engineer-speak?

The jewelry designer in me should be gleeful - I should be decking myself out in my latest creations, and handing out business cards. Just can't seem to manage it....

Thankfully, Bunco night always includes cocktails and chocolate. Nothing like a glass of wine or pina colada to loosen me up, and make the evening go by.

Which reminds me...I need to call my house-hubby and have him get MY finger food for tonight!


Cathy said...

I love your blog. It is really funny. Everyone whose blog I have read seems to be so busy and do so much....what do I do with my time...LOL

UniqueNurseGranny said...

At least dare enough to wea your jewelty busy lady...

Octavine Illustration said...

my cousin is a bunco addict. didn't know it was so popular!

love the new delicate and feminine.