Friday, May 2, 2008

It's getting better...

Sorry once again for the silence...

My job is quirky. Things will be slow, sometimes dull - then suddenly a deluge of problems and tasks. Despite the best planning in the world, our product introductions seem to always bunch up (creating absolute chaos for my group 4-5x a year). This week, unfortunately, seems to be the tip of another chaos-iceburg. I personally have 2 major projects struggling to get off the another I'm desperately trying to finish. And I'm competing for time and resources with 2 other engineers in similar situations. It's not pretty - particularly, as in this week, when equipment isn't working properly! I've had a horrible week...and little time for blogging, jewelry making, or even doodle-sketching.

Today seems to be starting better. After a rather dry April, I have 3 ebay listings sold today. (Yeah for money) My brother will be in the States all next week - and while I won't SEE him, I'll be able to actually call him. (You try calling someone with an 11.5 hour time difference...harder than you'd think) And - today's crowning glory so far - hubby brought me coffee and krispie kremes at 9am. Enough to share, and butter up many of the people I work with.

So, fingers crossed, I'm entering my weekend in a good way. Who knows, I might even have enough free time to finish my feature and post it today! If not....happy Friday to everyone, and enjoy your weekend.

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