Monday, May 19, 2008

There's Still Time to Join

Compete against YOURSELF in measures of fitness (strength, stamina, flexibility). Watch your progress week by week, and enjoy the support and friendship of other less-than-perfect exercisers along the way.

This challenge is open to everyone, regardless of fitness level. (However, if you have never exercised before, please consult a doctor first) There is no fee or obligation to join - it's totally free, and run by me.

For those who complete the 12 week challenge, there will be a "Most Improved" prize at the end!

This week is "Intake Week" - you do an initial measure to the tests, and report that information to me. This is also the week to set any custom goals you have. So head over to the Fitness4Us challenge site now!

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BijouRioux said...

Hey Tesla,
I love all of your jewelry, but I think my favorites are the Dreaming of spring earrings.
Good Luck!!