Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fitness Challenge for "The Rest of Us"

As some of you know (but most don't)...I've been working on losing weight and exercising more for the past year or so. I've chronicled my struggles and triumphs on a personal blog - not here, since it doesn't really seem to relate to this one. However, I'm making an exception this time, because so many of my bloggy friends have mentioned wanting to improve their physical health.

Well, here's your chance! I'm creating a 12 week Fitness Challenge For the Rest of Us.

What kind of exercise you get is up to you - bike, run, walk, swim, I don't care. (I'm happy to provide links to resources if you want however) This challenge will measure the outcomes of good exercise - endurance, strength, flexibility, and speed. Here's what you do to participate:
  1. Sign up at my challenge website, and pledge to earn 7 APs (or burn 700 calories exercising, non WWers) per week. Be sure to provide the baseline information requested.
  2. Visit the challenge website AT LEAST once every 2 weeks to report your latest 'scores'.
  3. Watch a chart of your progress versus other participants!
  4. At the end of 12 weeks, the participant with the greatest overall improvement will get a prize!

So what do you say...up for a challenge?

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