Monday, March 3, 2008

2008 Spring Jewelry Trends - a quick peek

Taking a small break from my own designs and inspirations...I also love to look at what the top jewelry companies in the world are offering too! I would never steal their designs, of course - but sometimes they provide inspiration, or just a sense of what will be "hot" soon! Come browsing with me.

I love Tiffany - such gorgeous, classic pieces. Their new Legacy collection is full of diamond-encrusted geometric shapes - ovals, diamonds, half-moons - many with dangles. Reminds me of classic 40s rhinestone pieces, with very little color but lots of sparkle. My favorite piece has to be this lovely enamel ring with silver accents - just the right burst of color! (I prefer pink, but the signature blue is also available)

Betsey Johnson creates fun and funky jewelry. Her current line at Nordstrom's has plenty of color, and tons of charm - literally! Charms and dangles adorn bracelets, necklaces, even earrings! In true Betsey fashion, this can be completely over the top...but sometimes that's exactly what you need. These flirty little charm earrings, for instance - tons of fun.

Saks Fifth Avenue carries a huge range of jewelry designers, and shopping here can be overwhelming. First I stopped by pearls, since I love them so - but found nothing unique or interesting. Looks like another season of the same strung-pearl looks, perhaps with color variations, but nothing new. On to necklaces and pendants, where tons of color can finally be found. Many of these were quite delicate in shape, no doubt to match the more feminine look for Spring and Summer fashion. A bit disappointing, although I did spot this lovely creation by John Hardy.

Browsing this stores and websites reminds me, once again, why I love Etsy so. The amazing variety of jewelry, at all price points, just can't be found anywhere else!


Anonymous said...

What fun choices! :) I too am in the mood for spring, and am in the mood to purchase some accessories! :)

Sophie said...

What love jewelry! Thankyou for taking me on that browse, I think I wouldhave bought the ring myself, I love it

SEO Services India said...
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TexasTesla said...

Blaze - I know what you mean. I'm hating my closet at the moment!

Can't wait to get a treasury someday, will do etsy versions of the spring trends...basically my own personal shopping list (if I could afford it!).

Angels Touch Crochet said...

What gorgeous jewellery!!! Great blog. I really enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a lot of fun to look at! Thanks for the inspriation!