Monday, March 17, 2008

Featured Charity Seller: TackyHandMade

Normally for my features, I write my own posts and ask a couple questions of the seller to fill out a few gaps. TackyHandMade provided such great answers to my questions, however, that for the first time I’ve decided to simply use her answers! (Ok, with a *little* editing, I’ll admit)

1. How long have you been selling on Etsy? If you include my other shop (tackybackintime – sells primarily vintage pieces), since summer of 2007...but this is my first handmade shop and we've just announced our grand opening!!

2. How long have you been making your items? I have been involved in other media most of my life, and just began embellishing and altering vintage and non-vintage items. The idea came to me when I fell upon plain-jane handbags that were never used! The ideas just started flowing!

3. What inspires you in your creations? When I see a lovely item just crying to be upcycled!

4. What is your favorite piece so far? Well, I am partial to my Mother's crochet items because after fighting a long bout of arthritis she is now staring to get her life back with the help of natural enzymes and shots. Getting back to her crocheting has been one extra perk of "tackyhandmade" that I never anticipated occurring. But, as far as my altered/embellished items I have a bond with this "Crazy Scrapbook" I put so much time into this and to me, it's no longer just a's a piece of art!

5. What are you dying to make someday? I have a desire to get back into original art, using mixed media. I can't wait to have the inspiration to finish a painting and post it on Tackyhandmade. That will be a real thrill for me.

6. Do you have another website you blog, sell, or just like to be on? Yes, but I must say...that aside from promoting and advertising there is a higher effort going on in Etsy with various teams that devote an enormous amount of their time and efforts to charity. My thrill has been belonging to EFA (etsyforanimals). My vintage shop, tackybackintime, was contacted last fall to choose my favorite animal charity for the month of October. I chose Town Cats of Ocean City MD. They provide a no-kill shelter for feral cats and especially cats that are dropped off in the resort area...left to fend for themselves! I have personally visited Town Cats shelter so imagine the fulfillment of knowing that EFA collected over $1,000 in proceeds that this organization sorely needed!You can visit Etsy for Animals at: In addition, visit their Etsy shop at:
If I could give one bit of advice to other shop owners on would be to join a team and get involved!


Mishkat said...

Thanks for the great interview with Tacky! I enjoyed reading it and learning more about her and her shops.

Sophie said...

What a wonderful interview and a pleasure to read!
I have noticed the tattoo theme too, perhaps it's because the bloggers I have come across are generally quite artistic? Who knows!
Looking forward to hearing your seven randoms, though I sense you aren't that keen to write them...!

Just Bead It said...

Nice blog and interview!

Cindy said...

I enjoyed reading about Tacky, was glad to learn more, and look forward to learning more about Tacky's Etsy shop. Thanks for that interview!