Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Tuesday Topics

Stuff that’s on my mind…perhaps even bugging me. Chime in if you have an opinion!

Door Dings

I have a newish car…it’s a 2004 model, but I just bought it less than three weeks ago, so it feels NEW to me. And this makes me SO mad.

We’ve all done it – you get out of your car, perhaps in a hurry, and realize you’ve just whacked the car next to you with your door. You surreptitiously check out the spot while pretending to look in your purse/check pockets for mystery item/fix offspring’s ratty hair. Most times, you sigh with relief when you see no damage…then hustle your family through whatever your errand was so you can, please g-d, leave before the other person gets back.

But what do you do when you see a big dent?

Me, I’ve been lucky enough to never dent a car. So I’ve got to guess that the answer is…NOTHING. Because somebody, most likely here AT MY WORK, whacked my new car hard enough to dent it and chip the paint down to the primer.

Man, am I pissed.

Gardasil for boys too

Our eldest daughter got her first shot of Gardasil this week…the HPV vaccine that is supposed to protect against cervical cancer. I’m all for this vaccine, even though it really does hurt more than other shots. (It’s not just whiney teenagers being dramatic)

I couldn’t help but wonder, however…as I gazed at the blond heads of my boys eating dinner last night…why aren’t boys getting the shot too? Ok, yes, the obvious reason of not having a cervix. Still, since HPV is an STD – that means men are carriers of the disease, and passing it around! Would it not stand to reason that we should immunize men too, so they can’t be carriers…and can’t pass HPV along to unprotected women?

Perhaps there’s something to either HPV or the transfer mechanism that prevents this – but I haven’t seen anything about that. If it’s just “men don’t get cervical cancer” as the reason…then that’s incredibly sexist!

Petfinder Spam

Don’tcha hate spam? The nasty canned meat, AND the email kind?

We have three little guinea pigs – the kids love them, but they are just too much to deal with. Plus, the eldest son and possibly eldest daughter seem to be allergic to them (or maybe it’s the bedding)…and hubby definitely is. So…we’re looking for new homes for Ashley, Spiky, and Squeaker. (Anyone interested?!?)

I’ve posted an ad on Craigslist, as well as one on PetFinder.com – and have been absolutely deluged with spam from PetFinder. Creepy ones, sent to 20 or 30 email addresses, saying, “I am interest in you Pet. I live in US, have good home” etc. I can’t decide if these are email-phishing attempts, scary people who want my name/address, or what. I’m just very, very sure that I’m unhappy with PetFinder!

Stupid Oregon drivers

There’s so much that can be said here – see “Door Dings” above. However, specifically I’m thinking of the idiot in the white Jetta this morning, who made a left turn across a busy road – against the red light – without even flashing his/her brake lights. If you drive a white Jetta, and made such a left across Brookwood in Hillsboro around 8am this morning – YOU ARE A F*#@ING IDIOT. I don’t think you heard me this morning, so just wanted to repeat.

Etsy Alchemy…it’s addicting. Yep.



the funny thing is. i was getting out of my boyfriends car the other day, and it was sooooo windy out. i open the door, it flies open and out of my hand because of the wind, hits another car. I get out first to look at the other car, noticing only the smallest of all scratches. Then i close the door, to find that i totally dented the side of my boyfriends brand new 2008 scion tC. the paint was chipped and everything.

what a ride home that was.

:]sorry for the long story, this reminded me of it!!

The Beading Gem said...

I have a windy story too. I was just dropping off a colleague when a huge gust blew the door so violently that it hit the side of our van and dented it. When I told my friend what had happened, she said it happened to her too except the whole car door came off in her hands! She made me feel a lot better with her funny comments how she tried to sort of stick the door back enough so she could drive to the repair shop!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Our last guinea pig kicked the bucket a year or so ago, and it was a bit of a relief for our family! They last FOREVER!!! And they don't contribute much to the family, do they?? Ha! Good luck!

TexasTesla said...

None of y'all are helpful...funny, but not helpful. :-)

THE MOM BOMB said...

Our door dings directly correlate to the slope of the grocery store parking lot. The carts just roll right into them.

My email is zatuchni@comcast.net. Email me your address and I will mail out supplies next week!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

My husband just discovered scratches on the hood of my car - my dream car. I was pissed - only to become more show when he pointed out the scratches on my back bumper - closer to gashes than scratches. I commute to work and park in a public garage and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of my fellow commuter scratched my car - probably by laying something on it while they were getting out of there car.

Guess it's still a sore subject with me. Hopefully, I won't come across anyone else using my car as a table. I will say something and I probably won't be too nice. And I'm a pretty nice person.

WendyB said...

That's so disturbing about Petfinder. Is there anywhere you can report the spam? I got one of my dogs on Petfinder and have fond feelings towards it.