Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not the Thursday I planned

Amazing how it happens - yet, when you have children, you kind of expect the unexpected.

Today was supposed to be just another Thursday. Get up, dressed, feed kids, off to work. Was planning to hit the gym at lunch, and maybe do some jewelry making tonight before bed. Nothing terribly exciting.

Well, yesterday at school my eldest fell on the stairs. Hurt her ankle, but she was able to limp to the office so my husband could pick her up. It was painful and swollen, but as a veteran of more than a few ankle sprains myself, I figured it wasn't serious. She made it through her band concert last night ok, managing the transition up and down the stage ok.

It was when she woke us up at 3am complaining of pain that my day started changing. At 7am, the ankle was incredibly bruised, and Bailey claimed she couldn't move the foot at all. Clearly, we needed to visit the doctor for this one - still most likely a sprain, but we have to check. Unfortunately, today was a day off school for the other 3 kids...which means someone has to stay home with them!

So off hubby goes with the daughter, headed for 4 hours of doctor office and xray fun. I stayed home with the other 3 kids - feeling, oh, just a wee bit guilty that I was home, yet what else could I do? I played PlayDoh with the youngest, watched a little Guitar Hero performances from the boys, and took a few pictures for Etsy.

Not a bad day, just weird. And so full of activity - especially counting that 3am wakeup - that I'm rather exhausted...and it's only 3pm! *yawn*

I'm running rather short on time to create this if you'd like to see the pictures I took while "playing hooky", you'll have to visit my flickr site. Heck, you didn't have anything better to do anyway, right?

**UPDATE: It is just a sprained ankle, no break. Thank goodness!


jewelstreet said...

Oh, I hope she's doing better. I had an ankle incident two months ago, and it's still swollen so I know how she feels.

Sending her best wishes. Secretly, I don't know that I would've felt guilty about staying home. lol. I hate dr's.

Sophie said...

Oh my, I hope she's feeling better soon and it isn't more than a sprain.
Your 'spring love' earrings are lovely!

TexasTesla said...

She's still hurting, but it will get better. I've sprained my ankle 4 times, so know exactly how it feels...but also what to do to make it better!

RittenhouseBags said...

Oh my! I hope she is doing better and that it is only sprained. Poor thing.

Thanks for the link to that blog, looks really nice :)