Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Makes Me Angry

Headline on our local news…”Mom tried to protect son before he was found dead with dad.”

Apparently, the mom filed for a restraining order against her soon-to-be-ex husband. In that request, she stated that she feared for her life, and her son’s. This was the second time she filed for a restraining order against this man. Other women have also filed RO’s – so clearly this man is a problem.

Some idiot of a judge decided to modify the restraining order, and give the husband visitation rights. UNSUPERVISED visitation rights.

Can you guess where this is leading?

So this weekend, the guy picks up his son, and off they go camping. When they don’t return on Sunday, the woman calls the police.

They issue an arrest warrant on Monday.

On Tuesday both man and son are found dead, pretty classic murder-suicide.

The judicial system failed this poor woman. Completely failed her. Instead of protecting her, they have allowed that man to hurt her in the worst way possible.

I’m shocked, and angry, and incredibly sorry for her.


Kerry said...

Like almost every other "system" in this country, the judicial system DOES NOT WORK! I hope that judge never has a peaceful nights sleep again.

Sophie said...

This is a terrible story. That poor poor women, I cannot even start to believe what she must be going through. I just hope that this story raises some awareness to other judges out there and that the mother manages to find at least some peace in this awful tragedy.

Alicia said...

and if she had taken off with her son... she would have been the bad person I don't get how the system works. My heart goes out to that woman

Scott Bulger Photography said...

More than they failed her, they failed HER SON.