Friday, March 28, 2008

Icky Friday

We had a great time at the beach yesterday - forgot the camera though, so I have no pictures to share.

Unfortunately, we've also been passing a cold around in the family...and since Mom still has to cuddle, hug, and kiss sick kids (heck, more than normal) I naturally have picked it up. Hours in the chilly, wet wind didn't help. I'm at work today, but ugh...feel yucky! So sorry, but today's post is short, rambly, and ... yeah, nonsensical. I don't think I spelled that right and don't care!

I've been running Etsy seller features for about a month now...and plan to continue for a bit, but I'm starting to wonder. Do people enjoy reading about them? Or do they come across as advertising? 'Cause if it's advertising - dang, I at least need to get some kind of PAY for it!

Let's finish this week in case you haven't found this humor blog on your own, let me introduce you to The Mom Bomb. Go read her - she's much funnier than I, especially right now - and get a good laugh to make it through your weekend. See ya'll on Monday.


Kerry said...

Every time one of us gets sick, we all get sick. I want to make them mittens made of clorox wipes!

Helen said...

I love reading about other sellers. It's inspirational and fun to learn about other artists. Hope everyone feels better soon.
Beach isn't a word in my vocabulary at the moment ... not for another two months or more!