Monday, March 10, 2008

Featured Seller: CagedBirdSings

This week’s featured charity seller is CagedBirdSings. Run by the talented college student Erin, this fun store features colorful windchimes as well as other glass creations – and plenty of destash beads too. Erin has been making her windchimes for 2 years, and selling them on Etsy for 13 months now.

Erin’s shop was chosen for her commitment to charitable causes. She is the leader of the Etsy for Charity Street team – a group that picks a charity each month, and members donate a portion of profits to. March's charity is Sightsavers International, a wonderful group that strives to save the eyesight of children and adults across the world. The Team has almost 70 listings for sale, all donated from members. How wonderful!

Erin also started her own community charity, KnitForNeighbors. This charity sends scarves to homeless shelters and needy people in Denver (where CagedBirdSings is located). What a generous heart!

Asked about her favorite piece, Erin shared this pretty piece titled Memoir (right). With its vivid blues, greens, and yellows, this is a piece sure to brighten anyone’s day. And in case you’re wondering about the sound of these chimes (as any buyer would)…Erin even has links to short videos. She may be young, but she’s marketing savvy!

Please visit Erin’s Etsy shop and help her raise money for some wonderful causes!


RainbowMom said...

Oh I love her work! It's so raw and organic. :) She's been in my favorites for a long time. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Sophie said...

What a wonderful lady. And her windcharms are amazing! Thanks for the link!

Sue Rosen said...

I adore Cagedbirdsings shop! I've also known her to be a huge donator to the homeless, helping to keep them warm. Kudos to her efforts!

I know that you are looking for more shops to include.
Take a look see when you get a chance, we're new to the handmade sector of Etsy:

TexasTesla said...

I was impressed with CagedBirdSings...but when I found out about all her charitable work, AND the fact that she's just 19 and going to I wasn't that way at all when I was 19!

Jared in Kansas said...

Top notch Etsy seller. :)